Advertisements on freelance essay writing have been popping all over our browsers. Conducting a Google search will bring up thousands of freelancers. These freelancing services are provided by either individuals or companies. The online freelancers, you just need to pay and all your assignments will be done. Millions of learners are busy ordering their assignments to be done online and thus making the industry very busy.

Though online essay writing jobs can be a source of income, it negatively affects students. The online essay writers usually term themselves as tutors but in the real sense, they are actually doing the assignments for the students.  Some people have greatly earned from the freelance essay writing jobs. The writing companies make millions of money from the unethical business.

The online freelancers aren’t a sure way to succeed. Some students have failed their classes, but had they attempted to do it themselves, they would have registered good grades. For instance, some freelance writer profile examples have grammatical errors.

Though freelance academic writing can make students to excel in their studies, it denies them the chance to become knowledgeable. Students don’t get what they went for in the school. Freelance academic writing has been greatly condemned by learning institutions for deliberately jeopardizing the integrity and value of education.

Freelance academic writing jobs ensure that there are ghost writers who are available and more so to the busy executives who can’t get enough time to work on their class works. Such executives would succeed through these dubious ways. Later on at the work place, they won’t be able to perform their duties as expected.

According to international standards, it is ethically wrong to submit somebody else’s work. It is very difficult to address this issue since stakeholders in the education sector cant don’t have the power and mechanisms to track them down.

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