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One of the best essay writers is the Josh Philips service – it gives the opportunity for perfect academic writing at every turn. The site works to make sure that anybody who wants or needs to use a writing service will be able to do so, regardless of what they need. Whatever our clients need, we can provide – we have the writers and support staff which will enable us to give everybody who comes to us the best possible experience. We can work with any type of essay or subject. We have a very high reputation, and work to maintain it.

Advantages of my Service

Original writing

Anybody who wants to buy an essay online should look to us for help. We offer original writing in any subject, to any length. Our writing is always made up of completely original research and writing. We hire writers who have at least one degree in any particular field in part so that we can provide the best potential writing possible. These writers will have access to the latest in the research in their fields, which will enable them to better write new and unseen work.

This extends into our policies for the site itself, in a bid to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is defined as the act of using somebody else’s work as your own, whether that is through actively passing somebody else’s work off as your own work, or through using quotations without properly identifying them. Plagiarism is frowned on in most educational institutions, which is why our writing site spends so much time making sure to avoid it.

Our writers and support staff both have processes to use for any written work; this helps them check for proofreading errors, and also allows them to check for plagiarism. With the multiple layers of plagiarism checking, the site offers repayment of all fees if the client still finds problems.


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The experts of PerfectEssay, Josh Philips, have determined that privacy is hugely important to the people who use the site. Privacy is very useful for several parts of the ordering process. The most obvious need for privacy is during the payment phase on our site, when the clients need to enter their contact and credit details. Being able to ensure complete confidentiality makes our clients feel much more at ease when it comes to sharing their personal details.

The other area where privacy comes in handy is during an earlier stage of the ordering process: the part where the client shares the details of an order. Being assured of privacy means that our clients can share log-in details without worrying that they will be stolen.


If I went online and asked a site to write my essay for me, I would want to pick a site which offered discounts for my work. This is what happens with our site, which has substantial discounts available for all clients.

We operate on a rolling discount basis, rather than only having one single standard which people need to try and reach. Each discount counts as a lifetime discount once the client has bought a certain number of papers with us, allowing them to claim some money off every transaction.

There is a single first-time discount for new clients, and then the discounts revert to normal – each level of papers written is matched by a corresponding discount, leading to people getting money off every time.

24/7 Support

Our site has 24/7 customer support for everyone who comes to us looking for someone to write essays online. The site has support staff who operate separately from the writers, in order to give the clients the best experience possible. Our staff work in shifts around the clock, which fulfils two conditions: one, it allows people to get in touch with us at any time of day or night, whichever they feel most comfortable with. Two, it allows people from other time zones to use our services without needing to try and conform to another time zone.

Additionally we supplement our availability by having a number of different ways to get in touch. Our clients can contact us through email, telephone, or through the live chat we offer.


Anybody saying “write a paper for me!” should come to our site, where they will receive the best treatment both in writing and in overall experience. Our site offers many useful features, such as protection against plagiarism, work that is definitely original and written purely for any one given client, discounts, and support staff who are always available. We make sure that all of our clients receive the best possible service for all of their needs, whether they have come for a small work, or are returning with a big one. Our service works to ensure that everybody receives a consistent and high level of quality, one that will work to get them the level of academic success that they need.